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Theatre Eclectic in Santa Barbara/Goleta, CA: providing equal access to theater for artists of all backgrounds and levels of experience; and providing equal access to theater for underserved audiences. . .


“We aim to create circles of community: amongst our artists, and between our artists and the audiences. . . In our small corner of the world, we hope to sew together the rifts in our culture that of late have caused us so much concern.  I like the idea of diverse patches sewn together into a unified quilt; the metaphor suggests warmth.  That's what we hope you will feel as you become a part of our Theatre Eclectic community.”

Philip Levien, Artistic Director



Love and Power La Cumbre Performance pos

Join us for Love and Power at La Cumbre Center for Creative Arts

Theatre Eclectic

Underrepresented Artists for Underserved Audiences

This performance is free.

You can also support the work of Theatre Eclectic Through Your Cash Donations at the door.

Your support helps to fund the critical production needs necessary to present full plays, one-acts, staged readings, monologues and poetry readings.  Your donations will help cover the costs of royalty fees, as well as sets, lighting and music, production assistance and more.  Your donations support us in ensuring that our community has access to these free and entertaining programs.

From all of us at Theatre Eclectic, we thank you for supporting the production arm of SBCC's Extended Learning 'Urge to Act' presentations.

Urge to Act – Acting Class – SBCC School for Extended Learning – Instructor: Philip Levien (Artistic Director, Theatre Eclectic)

Spring Session of Urge to Act workshop/class begins January 14 (Tuesday class) or Jan. 16 (Thursday class), 2020.

Actors of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to participate.

The focus of the current session includes a focus on learning through developing a full length play.

 Those interested should enroll in the URGE TO ACT workshop at One can also sign up at the Schott or Wake Campus.

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